Here's how the most popular live-streaming platforms stack up in the US

All the big social media apps are going all-in on live video. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter have all spent more and more time and money encouraging both celebrities and regular people to broadcast in recent months. They’re especially eager to get brands to spend advertising dollars that they may normally reserve for TV on those streaming platforms.

But, as this chart from Statista shows, there’s no dominant leader just yet. According to a recent survey by UBS Evidence Lab, 17% of respondents said they watched live video on Facebook in the second half of 2016, just 1% above YouTube — which fell 5% from UBS’ study in the first half of the year — and 5% above Snapchat.

Perhaps the most notable stat here is that only 36% of respondents said they watched live video in the first place, a 2% decrease from the first half of the year — though 63% of millennials said they had tuned in. Facebook, Google, Snapchat and the rest may be smart to bet on live video, but the movement is still young.

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