Facebook Will Now Target Ads Using Your Email And Phone Number—Here's Today's Ad Brief

Cell Phone User

Photo: Pink Sherbert Photographt

Starting next week, Facebook will begin testing ad targeting using people’s phone numbers and email addresses. Inside Facebook reported that the option was temporarily (and probably accidentally) visible in the Power Editor tool. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed with Ad Age that “Facebook may soon allow ad targeting by email, user ID and phone number.” Of course, the social media giant says that this won’t violate users’ privacy and that information will be protected. A spokesperson explained the process to Tech Crunch—but essentially businesses will be able to upload customer emails/numbers they already have to Facebook. “Hashing” will make that data invisible to Facebook and Facebook’s user data invisible to the advertisers.Wendy’s is undergoing a digital account review. Kaplan Thaler currently handles the fast food chain’s digital work.

There’s a new Kia hamster ad by David&Goliath. This time they invade an 18th century night at the opera.

It’s splitsville for DraftFCB San Francisco and now-former CCO Chris Ford.

Creative directors Sean Doyle and Walter Campbell are back together at TBWA London. The team had previously worked together at BBDO prior to launching their own agency, Campbell Doyle Dye in 2002. (It folded in 2008).

Digiday matched digital media execs with their celebrity doppelgangers. Jonah Peretti does kind of have a Zach Braff thing going on.

After three and a half years, Freddie Laker parted ways with SapientNitro Miami. According to AgencySpy, he’s bringing people with him to his new social TV endeavour called Gui.de.

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