Everyone Relax! Facebook Isn't Going To Ruin Instagram

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Photo: @goodyspics via Instagram

Now that Instagram is part of the Facebook family, we’ve seen a bunch of people freaking out on Twitter that their favourite photo-sharing experience is going to become perverted and all Facebook-ified.No.


If anything, Instagram will be the replacement for that photo-sharing iPhone app that Facebook decided to abandon.

To be blunt, Instagram is simply a much, much better way to share photos than Facebook’s horribly broken mobile app. No wonder why Facebook probably saw it as a threat and decided to buy it today for a mind-boggling $1 billion in cash and stock

With ~30 million Instagram users, it’d be a horrible (and expensive) decision by Facebook to start messing with an app everyone loves just the way it is.

Maybe there will be some Facebook branding in a future version of Instagram. Maybe all new Instagram users will be required to have a Facebook account to use the app. Maybe more commercial brands will start tying their Facebook pages to Instagram. Maybe you’ll start seeing ads. (Ads were eventually going to appear in Instagram whether Facebook bought it or not.)

But the core experience will remain the same. You’ll still have your quirky filters. You’ll still have your feed of friends’ photos. For the average Instagrammer, nothing is going to change.

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