Mark Zuckerberg Is King

Facebook could easily be worth $200 billion by 2015, says Wedbush analyst Lou Kerner in this clip.

Here’s how he gets there…

The Internet advertising market will be worth $110 billion by 2010.

Facebook will get 20% of all pageviews.

In media, “scale gets more than its share of spend,” so Kerner thinks its “conservative” to say that Facebook will get 20% of the advertising spend on the Internet.

Those ads alone put Facebook revenues alone at $22 billion.

Throw in ads off of Facebook and that’s another $5 billion in revenues.

Throw in another $5 billion in Facebook credits.

That’s $32 billion in revenues.

He figures 40% margins for a $13 billion profit.

Put a 16X multiple on that and you get…

…A $200 billion valuation.


So, who gets rich when Facebook is worth so much? Meet Facebook’s soon-to-be billionaires.

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