Facebook: We Did Not "Force" Sales Rep To Quit ABC's "The Bachelor"

Ali FedotowskyClick for more photos of Ali.

Attention reality TV-viewing world!Facebook would like you to know that it did not “force” its sales rep, Ali Fedotowsky to quit ABC’s matchmaking game show “The Bachelor.”

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In an episode that aired Monday night, it was revealed that Ali’s employer gave her an ultimatum: quit the show or come back to work. Ali quit the show.

Yesterday, the world learned that this employer was (and is) Facebook.

But a Facebook spokesperson tells us no one forced Ali to quit. “We appreciate the personal decision to return to work was deeply difficult, but we’re glad Ali decided to come back.”

A person familiar with Ali’s situation tells us what basically happened is that, like any Facebook employee, she had a certain allocation of vacation time and that she ran out of it. Once it was up, Facebook presented Ali with a choice: quit or come back.

Ali, who was surprised as anybody that she made it so far on the show, took a long look at her options — really, her Facebook options — and decided to come on back to work.

This source suggested Ali hadn’t been at Facebook long enough to take a paid or unpaid leave of absence.

More photos and video of Ali Fedotwosky →

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