Now Facebook Wants To Put Its Valley Employees On Commuter Boats, Too

Google's ferryScreenshot/YouTubeThe All-American Marine Triumphant is the catamaran that will ferry Google employees to work.

First we had the Google buses. Then we had the Google ferry. And don’t forget the Microsoft buses. Now it looks like Facebook wants to join the fun.

The social networking giant launched a ferry service last week that will shuttle passengers from San Francisco to Redwood City, Calif., which is just a little north of its Menlo Park, Calif., offices.

A Facebook spokesperson told Mashable that it was indeed testing the ferry service, but the company is calling it a “water taxi.”

Mashable reports:

Facebook plans to test the shuttle during a 90-day pilot period, at which point the company will reevaluate the service. The boat is a catamaran that holds 30 people, and comes equipped with perks such as Wi-Fi, coffee and snacks, according to the spokesperson.

Using the Bay to shuttle employees to work may not be a bad thing, especially since the routes don’t interfere with San Francisco’s own ferry service.

“The Bay is underutilized,” San Francisco Maritime Director Peter Dailey told CBS’ Bay Area affiliate. “These facilities are underutilized; there’s much more capacity to utilise the Bay for transportation.”

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