Facebook just added more daily active users in the US than Twitter added monthly active users in the world

Mark ZuckerbergFacebook/Mark ZuckerbergFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook just released its Q2 earnings report, beating analyst expectations on both the top and bottom line.

It also increased its number of daily active users to 968 million, with 164 million coming from the United States and Canada. 

That’s an increase of 32 million total, and 3 million in its most saturated market. 

Although the total missed estimates — analysts had hoped Facebook would reach 970.5 million DUAs — it’s still a tremendously big number.

In fact, Facebook’s growth in US users who use the service every day trounced the growth in the global number of monthly users reported by Twitter, which reported its Q2 earnings on Tuesday. Twitter only added 2 million new monthly active users. 


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