Facebook Video Pitch Deck Shows It Has Gone To War Against TV

Facebook tv slide161Facebook / TechcrunchA slide from Facebook’s ad sales deck that claims Facebook has a bigger audience than the TV networks.

Facebook believes its soon-to-be-launched video ad product will compete directly for TV ad dollars, and those going on YouTube, according to a leaked sales pitch deck obtained by Techcrunch.

Speaker notes alongside the deck suggest that Facebook execs tell advertisers:

Gone are the days when a family gathered around their TV on Sunday night to connect with the outside world.

Television is no longer a guaranteed way to reach and engage your target audience.

The deck also claims that “Facebook and Instagram make up 21% of total time spent on mobile,” and that users check their phones 100 times a day. “And more total time is spent on mobile on Facebook and Instagram than all of those combined,” the notes say, referring to Google, YouTube, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Twitter and Pinterest.

The deck indicates that Facebook is looking for video ad budgets of more than $US1 million:

1.”Seed”: $US50-$100/$200K hyper-targeted teaser to start generating buzz about your new product or brand campaign with your core target audience (e.g., using Partner Categories, Custom Audiences, Interests, competitor’s Interests)

2.”Blast”: $US500K-$1M campaign to drive mass awareness of your new product or brand campaign to your target audience (typically over a 1-3 day period)

3.”Sustained” media: reinforce your message after the initial blast. You should tailor creative to specific audiences to drive the best results. These campaigns can range anywhere from a week to a few months.

It also notes that a new video ad analytics product will be launched for clients in Q1 2014:

Currently, we only report on video plays, which is a weakness compared to YouTube, which reports on video views, completed views, and average duration of view. We are working on building out our video insights to give advertisers a better sense for how videos are performing. New video insights target launch: Q1 2014. [NOTE: Video insights improvements are highlight confidential]

Facebook has been selling against TV ad dollars for a while, but this deck gives the first look into the detail of Facebook’s belief that it can capture TV ad dollars with budgets greater than $US1 million, with its new autoplay video ad format.

See the whole thing here.

Disclosure: The author owns Facebook stock.

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