Facebook’s growth may be slowing, but Americans are still obsessed with it

Facebook’s usage growth may have plateaued over the past 3 years, but Americans still appear to be huge fans of the world’s largest social media site.

According to stats from the Pew Research Center, charted for us by Statista, Facebook is the runaway leader in user engagement among all social media sites in the US. The percentage of US Facebook users who said they logged in every day reached 70%, while 43% said they do so multiple times a day. Facebook’s percentage of daily users far outpaced other leading social media services, including Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The report also said 72% of all American adults online use Facebook in some way, continuing its lead from last year. Those between the ages of 18 to 29 appeared to be the most actively engaged on Facebook, with 82% of them saying they were on it.

Facebook remains the largest social network in the world. In June, Facebook announced it has 1.49 billion average monthly users, and 968 million daily users. Just last week, it set a new record when it had 1 billion people use its service on a single day.


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