Facebook Unfriending Made Easy With iPhone App

Befriending someone on Facebook is like second nature for most of us these days. We see someone we know or knew or would like to know and ask for their friendship. They approve and you’ve just gotten another Facebook friend. On the other side of the Ethernet cable, someone finds your Facebook profile. They know you, knew you, or want to know you and they send you an invite. You approve and it’s another one added to your list. But after a while, this starts to add up and before you know it, you’ve got over 1,000 so-called “friends” on Facebook, though you’d really consider most of them acquaintances—if even that.

And with the invention of smartphones, befriending someone has gotten even easier, thanks to Facebook’s mobile apps. But one thing that remained obscure was the ability to defriend. Sure, you could unfriend somebody on your web-connected computer (though not as explicitly noticeable as “friending”), but if you have an iPhone, doing a little spring cleaning on your Facebook friends was a pain. But not anymore

In Facebook’s recent 3.4 update to their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app, they’ve finally included a way to unfriend a friend directly from the app. You just find your unwanted digital friend via the iOS application and click that little arrow in the top right-hand corner next to their name. When the prompt box opens, just tap the big red “unfriend” button and you’ve just de-cluttered your social Rolodex. But sorry Android users—unfriending is not an option yet, and there’s no word on it coming anytime soon.

The new Facebook app also added map view for Places, the ability to check into Events that you’re attending, as well as an improved news feed and better notifications. Stay up to date with new features and improvements for the Facebook iPhone app on, yes—Facebook.

Via Facebook Unfriending Made Easy with iPhone App on WonderHowTo.