Facebook Unconcerned That Advertisers Pay For Thousands Of Fake 'Likes'

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Facebook is plagued by fake accounts from Egypt and the Philippines delivering thousands of bogus “Likes” to advertisers’ brand pages, according to the BBC.But the social network says it doesn’t see the problem.

Facebook has previously admitted that 5-6% of its 90 million accounts are fake. But this is the first time evidence has emerged that spam accounts are rooking advertisers who pay for campaigns on Facebook that reach no one “real.”

The BBC reports:

Michael Tinmouth, a social media marketing consultant, ran Facebook advertising campaigns for a number of small businesses, including a luxury goods firm and an executive coach.

… they became concerned after looking at who had clicked on the adverts.

While they had been targeting Facebook users around the world, all their “likes” appeared to be coming from countries such as the Philippines and Egypt.

Mr Tinmouth asked Facebook to investigate the issue of questionable profiles after one of his clients refused to pay for his adverts on the basis they had not reached “real people”.

Tinmouth then created a fake business, “Virtual Bagel,” √•nd found that it too gathered Likes from fake accounts.

Facebook told the BBC it was not a big deal:

“We’ve not seen evidence of a significant problem,” said a spokesman.

“All of these companies have access to Facebook’s analytics which allow them to see the identities of people who have liked their pages, yet this has not been flagged as an issue.

Disclosure: The author owns Facebook stock.


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