Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Buttons Now Integrated Into Video Pre-Roll Ads

Innovid, the New York-based technology provider which enables big publishers and ad networks to add interactive elements to existing video pre-roll inventory, has introduced the means to integrate Twitter, Facebook and YouTube “buttons” into any pre-roll campaign powered by the company.

Earlier this week at the IAB Digital Video conference, we spoke with Zvika Netter, Co-Founder & CEO about the new product which it calls iRoll Apps.   (The buttons on the pre-roll look like Apps graphics, but this is not an App offering in the conventional sense.)

In this video interview and the subsequent product demo, Netter explains how publishers or ad network managers can quickly integrate these “buttons” into the bottom pre-roll, designating where the visitors goes as the pre-roll is paused.

Netter says in this interview that four billion video views a month are iRoll enabled, meaning of all the pre-roll video views a month, approximately 80% can run iRoll.

Andy Plesser

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