Facebook Opens Up For Developers, Turns Up The Heat On Twitter

Facebook will announce tomorrow that it will allow third-party developers to build applications and services that, with users’ permission, access user videos, photos, notes and comments.

The service will be free for developers and will work with current open standards, reports the Wall Street Journal.

We think its a smart move, if not an entirely orgininal one. Part of what’s helped make micro-blogging service Twitter so popular so very quickly are the plethora of applications and services built for it by third-party developers.

Of course, Facebook can afford to be a follower here, since it already claims some 200 million monthly users.

Many of those same third-party developers will likely modify their applications and services to include Facebook user streams. For example, it would be natural for Tweet Deck, which already tracks a user’s friends’ status updates on Facebook, to include those friends’ videos, photos and shared links too.

There’s also a chance that some developers planning apps to tap into Twitter’s 20 million users, might now decide they’d rather put their efforts into reaching 200 million.

Facebook will make its announcement at a event for developers in Palo Alto tomorrow.

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