Facebook Traffic Down?


Om Malik has September ComScore data which appears to show a decline in both uniques (-9.3%) and page views (-3.8%) for Facebook. Om doesn’t seem to quite believe it himself, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility: Facebook opened its doors to the public a year ago, so it’s possible it’s already seen its biggest growth spurt. And while it’s been generating plenty of buzz and press coverage in recent months, that doesn’t always correlate with usage.

Now, if those trends — particularly page views — continue into the school year, when Facebook’s core audience is supposedly glued to the site? Then Mark Zuckerberg and company ought to take Microsoft’s money — or whoever else is offering up cash — and run. GigaOm

Update: Andrew Lipsman, a senior analyst at comScore, weighs in with a comment and argues that the decline is both 1) seasonal — Facebook had a similar August/September dip last year and 2) due in part to the fact that August has one more day in September. We followed up with Andrew via phone. Our main question: Since Facebook’s primary demo is college students, why doesn’t usage increase once school starts in the fall? His hypothesis — the kids are actually too busy adjusting to life back at campus to spend as much time on the site.

Update2: Compete’s data supports comScore’s