9 Facebook tips and tricks you need to know

If you’re an average Facebook user, you probably spend about 20 minutes a day glued to the site.

But why not become a Facebook master?

Check out these tips and tricks to make yourself a more efficient and protected user.

With a few keyboard shortcuts, you can make it easier to zip around Facebook's different sections.

Even better though, there are a bunch of shortcuts for interacting with your Timeline. You'll never need to use your mouse again.

Worried you left your Facebook account logged in on someone else's computer? You can find out for sure by checking out a list of every device that you're logged in on. You can even log-out remotely. Navigate to Security Settings > Where You're Logged In to see where your account is active.

Sometimes you check Facebook when you should be doing other things. Don't lose the interesting articles that you didn't have time for: Simply click the drop-down menu on any story to save it.

Head over to your 'Saved' page to find all your stories.

Make sure you don't miss a party or forget to wish a friend a happy birthday by exporting your Facebook events to your Google or Apple calendar. Find the 'Events' tab on the left of your home page, then scroll down until you see the highlighted box on the right.

Set alerts so Facebook will tell you ASAP if someone logged into your account on a new device. This can be crucial for quickly catching a potential hack.

You can check *exactly* what people can see on your Facebook Timeline (and then adjust your settings accordingly).

Teach people to pronounce your name correctly through the 'Details About You' section in your profile.

Wanna prepare for the day you decide to leave Facebook forever? No need to lose all those old photos and funny conversations. You can download your entire Facebook archive via the 'General Settings' tab.

Bonus: When you get a message from someone you aren't friends with, Facebook filters it into an 'Other' inbox tab. Don't forget to check this occasionally! It's often spam but sometimes it's not.

(Personal anecdote about this: I once checked my 'Other' messages and discovered that someone had reached out to me about a wallet that I had lost. If I hadn't checked, I never would have gotten it back!)

Bonus: There's a way you can prevent people seeing when you read their messages (at least on desktop).

We made this one a bonus because you can't technically do it through Facebook alone. But check out the Facebook app 'Unseen' or read our article about it here.

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