This Trick Will Actually Make You Like Facebook's New Timeline

timeline movie maker 400

Facebook just debuted Timeline Movie Maker, a site that turns everything you’ve ever posted on Facebook into an exciting montage video.

It whizzes you through years of pictures, videos, posts, and more, in just under a minute.

Timeline Movie Maker only works if you’ve updated to Facebook’s new profile view called Timeline.

If you haven’t done so, you can click here to do it.

Give Timeline Movie Maker a shot. It’s free, fun, and takes about two minutes to check out.

Log in with your Facebook account, and your work is essentially done.

The site processes your entire Timeline of information, pictures, posts, and check-ins...

And whizzes you into the past!

First, you'll see a picture from years ago.

The movie zooms around to appropriately jubilant montage music.

You'll also see short clips of movies with you tagged inside them.

You'll also notice a few places you've been frequently in the past.

If you have moved, the city in this box will flip around and show you pictures from where you moved to.

And finally, you arrive at a snapshot of your Timeline page, today in the Facebook universe.

Once you're done, you can change the soundtrack, swap out pictures, and remake your movie.

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