F**k, It’s Hard To Keep Profanity Off Your Facebook Wall

facebook swearing

Newsflash: People like to swear on Facebook walls.

According to a study conducted by Reppler, a service designed to help people keep their profiles clean, 47% of Facebook walls have profanity on them somewhere.

Friends are responsible for 56% of the posts with profanity in them, which means (obviously) that non-friends make up the other 44%.

That leads to a rather surprising conclusion: A little less than 25% of all Facebook profiles contain profanity written by non-friends.

That is not good news if you are the type of person who is concerned with keeping profanity off your wall. (And if you’re in the working world, you should be that type of person.)

Basically, there is a pretty good chance someone with whom you have no affiliation could throw up a swear on your profile, which could make you look bad to your actual friends or a potential employer.

And what are those words likely to be?

According to Reppler, “The most common profane word is derivations of the “f-word”.  The second most common profane word is derivations of the word “sh*t”.  “B*tch” is a distant third.”