We Heard A rumour That Facebook Is Holding A Three-Day 'Lockdown' This Month


It’s lockdown time at Facebook again, a tipster tells us.

Later this month, we’re told, Facebook is going to hold a three-night hackathon, lockdown-style—meaning, in theory, that engineers are expected to stay on campus and code, code, code.

A Facebook PR rep declined to comment. 

Hackathons and lockdowns are an established part of Facebook culture, dating back to Facebook’s earliest days in a rented summer house in Palo Alto—its first home outside of Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room. Back then, Zuckerberg would simply declare a lockdown and forbid Facebookers to leave until a particular feature got implemented.

In 2010 and again in 2011, Facebook went into “lockdown” mode to push out major upgrades to the social network.

By historical standards, a three-night lockdown sounds mild. Facebook’s 2010 lockdown, which resulted in major upgrades to Facebook’s Groups and Photos feature, was widely seen as a response to Google’s launch of a rumoured social network. (Google did eventually launch Google+, which has struggled to get anywhere near the kind of engagement Facebook commands from users.)

So what’s the aim of this lockdown? It may simply be a push to get things wrapped up. And its comparatively short length suggests that Facebook may be feeling pretty confident about its product development efforts—despite blows like the recent departure of CTO Bret Taylor.

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