Facebook is slipping after news of more questionable data practices

  • Facebook is down in early trading Monday after reports it shared data with device sellers without user consent.
  • Those device sellers include Apple, Amazon, and Samsung.
  • Facebook denies data was shared without permission.
  • Watch Facebook trade in real time here.

Facebook fell more than 1% in early trading Monday, after reports it shared data with 60 companies, many of which are device sellers.

The companies receiving Facebook user data included Apple, Amazon and Samsung. Those device sellers received friends’ data, although Facebook denies that data was shared without permission. The Times reported some device makers had access to user data such as relationship status, religion, political leaning and events.

Facebook stock got hammered in a two day span after the Cambridge Analytica data scandal in late March. The stock recovered in full by early May. During the course of several government hearings – one with the EU, one with the US Senate, and one with the US House of Representatives – Facebook said it will focus on ensuring that data is only shared when users consent.

Facebook is up 5.3% on the year.

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