Facebook hits an all-time high

Shares of Facebook are at an all-time high on Monday, up 1.05% at $US151.83 as of 10 a.m. ET.

The social media giant is set to release its first quarter earnings on Wednesday, May 3. According to Bloomberg, analysts expect Facebook to earn an adjusted $US1.12 per share on revenue of $US7.83 billion.

Facebook has beaten earnings estimates almost every quarter that it has been publicly traded.

Shares of Facebook have been on a huge run so far this year, up 32%.

According to Bloomberg, of the 48 analysts who cover the stock, 43 have a “Buy” rating, four have a “Hold” rating, and one has a “Sell” rating. The average analyst price target is $US163.30.

Click here for a real-time Facebook chart.

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