Facebook Stake Going To... Microsoft!

So says Ina Fried, CNET’s excellent Microsoft beat reporter, citing a source familiar with the situation. Ina doesn’t have deal points, and notes that as of 3:30 est, it wasn’t a done deal, so it’s still conceivable that Google’s Tim Armstrong and company can counter [Tim just finished speaking at the Google Analyst Day–see coverage here. Perhaps he’s now racing over to Facebook.].

Update: WSJ says ($) Microsoft has acquired a 1.6% in Facebook for $240 million, valuing the company at $15 billion.

Update 2: Facebook has reportedly raised another $500 million from two NYC-based hedge funds.

Meanwhile Valleywag’s Owen Thomas concludes that Microsoft has won using this evidence: He notes that last night Facebook PR chief Brandee Barker became Facebook friends with Adam Sohn, MSFT’s global sales and marketing PR guy. We’d say: Wait till Brandee friends Larry Cohen, who runs all of Microsoft’s PR — then go ahead and call it a done deal.

Follow-up: Microsoft Facebook Call: Live Update, Facebook Raises Another $500 Million

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