Facebook’s Photo Sharing App Slingshot Has Cratered To The Pits Of The App Store

It has not gone well for Facebook’s Slingshot, a photo sharing app that requires you to send a photo to see a photo, according to App Annie.

Slingshot was a flawed product from the start. The requirement of sending a photo to unlock a photo was confusing and didn’t create a good experience. As a result, it’s slid way down the App Store rankings since its initial launch last month.

This is a somewhat troubling sign for Facebook. It tries and tries to build new apps, but they never work. The only exception is Messenger, but it’s pretty tied to the core Facebook product, which has helped it greatly.

Facebook is chugging along just fine regardless of these flops, but this could be a long-term problem. Facebook can’t buy every hot app that comes along. Eventually it has to build the next hot app itself. Right?

Slingshot ranking