Facebook Signs Mysterious Deal With Mobile Payment Company

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Photo: Kimberly White / Getty Images

Facebook looks like it’s getting closer to launching its long-awaited mobile payments platform.U.K.-based Bango announced an agreement “to provide payment services to Facebook,” Bango said. But neither company is offering any more info than that.

Bango is best known as the service used by BlackBerry AppWorld to process payments.

But Bango also does carrier billing — taking mobile transactions and putting them on your mobile phone bill. So Tim Bradshaw at the Financial Times argues that Bango might be used to take payments with Facebook Credits and transfer them to your cell phone bill so you don’t have to enter credit card info.

Credits began as a way for people to spend real money to buy pretend goods for the Facebook games they play. Last year, Facebook expanded credits beyond games to things like movie rentals and Facebook’s Groupon-like Deals platform. It is now the only form of payment accepted on Facebook.

As of last summer, word was that 200 million people have used Facebook Credits at least once.

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