Here's Why Facebook's Next Acquisition Should Be A Pile Of Sony Patents

yhoo patent chart

Photo: CNET

Facebook has been on a shopping spree for intellectual property.It cut a deal with IBM for 750 patents at the end of March. It bought 600 old AOL patents from Microsoft.

The next place it’s turning for patents?

Erin-Michael Gill, the chief intellectual property officer for MDB Capital, tells Paul Sloan at CNET that he thinks Facebook will buy patents from Sony.

Facebook is loading up with patents to protect itself from Yahoo.

Gill did an analysis of Yahoo’s patent portfolio and found that 10% of Yahoo’s patents reference Sony patents. Sony is one of the world’s biggest patent owners.

Sony is currently a mess. It projected a $6.4 billion loss for the last fiscal year. If Facebook were to show up with its checkbook ready to make a deal, it’s hard to imagine Sony turning away free money.

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