Facebook: Sorry About That Text Spam!

Lindsey Abrams had probably never heard of Facebook–until she got a new cell phone number from Verizon and started getting text messages from Facebook users. Some of those messages contained explicit and other “upsetting” comments, and Abrams, who lives in Patriot, IN, didn’t like receiving them, or paying $0.10 a pop for the privilege.

How many of these dastardly texts did Lindsey receive? No idea. But she found it upsetting enough to sue Facebook, and her attorneys tried to have her complaint certified as a class action. Ah, the downsides of a $15 billion valuation!

Yesterday Facebook settled with Abrams and agreed to adopt measures to prevent unwanted Facebook texts from going to mobile numbers that have been churned to new customers. The settlement amount will be determined at a hearing next year. We hope Facebook pays Abrams, and her attorneys at KamberEdelson LLP in Chicago, in pennies.

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