Facebook is hiring a 20-year media veteran to help it rethink news

Facebook wants to develop closer ties with the media industry.

A recently posted “Head of News Partnerships” job listing seeks someone with more than 20 years of experience in news to be the “public-facing voice of Facebook and its role in the news ecosystem.”

Facebook hiring a liaison between itself and publishers could help the company distinguish between high-quality content from established media outlets and the glut of low-quality, fake news stories that go viral across its social network. The company has faced sharp criticism for its role in spreading fake news stories during the U.S. presidential election.

Whoever Facebook appoints will be its “leading representative with news organisations worldwide” and “clearly communicate and foster transparent dialogue with news organisations globally,” according to the job description.

The person will also help Facebook “innovate with new technologies” and “support new product launches” related to news. Business Insider recently reported that Facebook is working on a new feature called Collections that will showcase lists of exclusive content from favoured publishers directly in the News Feed.

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