Facebook Installed This Art-Covered Hot Tub In Its Seattle Office

Facebook Hot Tub In Seattle

Facebook’s Seattle office has a quirky piece of furniture.

In a corner of the office with a beautiful view, there’s a graffiti-covered hot tub.

Alas, the hot tub is not filled with water. The landlord wouldn’t let it happen.

In fact, before Facebook could bring the hot tub into its offices, it was forced to drill a hole in the bottom of the hot tub as a prophylactic measure to ensure it’s never filled with water.

The hot tub was brought in ahead of one Facebook’s hackathons. Hackathons are where Facebook’s engineers build small new products that could eventually become something bigger. They’re sort of like musicians just jamming.

The engineer who spearheaded the project, Philip Su, let us run photos he took documenting the installation of the hot tub.

Su, and three other Facebook engineers get ready to load it into a moving van

You can see more of the artwork from Weirdo.

And, it's in. Loaded.

Now that's they've arrived at the office, they're at the building's loading dock.

Now that it's upright, on wheels, it's time to roll it to the elevator.

This is atypical work for a Facebook engineer.

Before moving the hot tub, Su cut out paper models and drew scaled replicas to make sure the hot tub would fit.

Here it is in real life, getting squeezed in, just so.

Here's the hole in the bottom of the hot tub.

Su had to drill in the hole to make the landlord of the building happy.

Off the elevator, the tub is wheeled in to the office.

It's close to its final destination.

And now they set it on the ground.

Lowering it into place.

Mission accomplished.

Check out the view.

It's a shame it can't have water in it.

But, in reality, it would be gross and it would be tough to keep clean.

The first test run with the hot tub.

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