Facebook Just Moved Into A Big New Office In Seattle

zuckerberg Seattle

Photo: AP/Facebook

A year and a half ago, Facebook opened a Seattle office. Since then, a lot of other companies, like Zynga and Salesforce, have followed suit.But Facebook ran out of space as the Seattle outpost grew to more than 90 people.

Today, the company moved into a new office on the 18th floor of a high rise. Now, the company’s Seattle developers will have a lot more room to run their hackathons and build products like video calling and Facebook Messenger.

Check out these pictures….

The office is on the 17th floor of the silver building on the left here. Seattle natives know these buildings well - they're right next to the Interstate that cuts through downtown.

Everybody sits out in the open, startup-style.

There's a cafe with free food.

This being Facebook, sometimes employees work while they eat.

There's also a wall to write on, just like in Facebook's main headquarters.

This sign reminds employees what Facebook is all about.

The conference rooms are named Rock, Paper, and Scissors. We're not sure why.

Look at that view! You can see a long way from 18 floors up.

Now, check out Facebook's main offices in California, which just opened a couple months ago.

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