Now That Facebook Is Making Right-Rail Ads A Lot More Compelling, FBX Is Going To Get Way More Attention

Facebook just announced that it’s desktop right-rail ads will soon be relevant once again.

The social network is going to make the ads much bigger, but it will also surface fewer of them. The benefit to advertisers is that the ads will be the same size as those in the News Feed, meaning only one kind of creative will be required. The company reports that the ads garner “three times” more engagement — likes, clicks, or shares — than traditional News Feed ads.

But the other key outcome of this change will be a lot more attention heaped on Facebook Exchange, or FBX, the real-time bidding platform that powers those right-rail ads — as well as some News Feed ads — and allows advertisers to retarget consumers on the social network.

In a recent report from BI Intelligence, we explore how advertisers purchase ads through FBX and why the Exchange offers such a unique opportunity to marketers. The report also puts FBX in context in terms of its size and performance so far. We deconstruct how the Exchange really works, which players are partners, and where they each fit in the ad-buying chain. We also include three case studies outlining how FBX advertising has performed so far.

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Here are some of the key details surrounding FBX:

In full, the report:

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