Facebook Survey Questions Reveal The Company's Biggest Fears

Steve Jobs said that Apple never used market research because Apple knew what customers wanted before customers did.

Facebook is taking a different approach.

After rolling out a major redesign of its “News Feed” a couple weeks ago, Facebook now surveying users to see if they like it.

By chance, I was one of the users Facebook surveyed.

Clicking through it, I realised the survey questions reveal a lot about Facebook’s biggest fears…

…that the News Feed may not be surfacing the most interesting stories

…that the News Feed shows you types of stories you used to be into, but aren’t anymore

…that the News Feed is too hard to use

…that the News Feed doesn’t connect you with the people you actually care about

…that you feel like the News Feed is showing you too many ads

 Some of these fears are legitimate! These days, you can’t start a conversation about Facebook with a normal person without hearing about all the ads. 

The ads themselves are growing more valuable by the minute. This is especially true, now that advertisers will be able to use third-party data to target their ads on Facebook. 

But Facebook has to be careful it doesn’t kill the golden goose, annoying users with so many ads that they stop coming by.


And now for something entirely different…

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