Facebook Has Big Plans To Save Users From Instant Regret

Facebook has big plans to make sure you never upload another photo on Facebook you’ll live to regret.

Wired reports Facebook researcher Yann LeCun “wants to build a kind of Facebook digital assistant that will, say, recognise when you’re uploading an embarrassingly candid photo of your late-night antics.”

This assistant would show up like an angel on your shoulder to ask you if you were absolutely sure you wanted to share the photo with the masses.

LeCun currently oversees the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research lab, a group of AI researchers that work in both the California and New York offices currently working on producing such a digital assistant.

In Wired,

Fashioning such a tool is largely about building image recognition technology that can distinguish between your drunken self and your sober self, and using a red-hot form of artificial intelligence called “deep learning” — a technology bootstrapped by LeCun and other academics — Facebook has already reached a point where it can identify your face and your friends’ faces in the photos you post to its social network, letting you more easily tag them with the right names.

Deep learning isn’t new — Microsoft and Google both utilise the technologies — but LeCun is “pushing for more.”

You can read more about it in Wired.

[h/t Sarah Frier]

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