Facebook About To Pass MySpace In Worldwide Traffic

New comScore data shows U.S. traffic at Facebook and MySpace (NWS) dropping slightly during February. But ignore those numbers: February is a short month, so a decline from January isn’t surprising. What’s more interesting is comScore’s estimate of unique visitors per day, which increased for both social networks: Facebook was up 2.6%, from January to February, while MySpace grew 3%.


  • Total Uniques: 68 million. Down 1%
  • Average Daily Visitors: 17.7 million. Up 3%
  • Average Minutes Per Visitor: 242.9 Up 19%


  • Total Uniques: 32.4 million. Down 4.2%
  • Average Daily Visitors: 8.6 million. Up 2.6%
  • Average Minutes Per Visitor: 161.3 Down 6.2%

But things get really interesting when you look at both company’s international traffic. Facebook continues to close rapidly on MySpace’s visitor total: At 100.7 million uniques in January, Facebook is now just about 8% smaller than MySpace’ 109.3 million. A year ago, MySpace’s worldwide lead was nearly 4x.

And in terms of unique visitors per day, Facebook has already eclipsed MySpace: It did so in November. No wonder Facebook keeps playing up its international growth plans, which have only just started to kick in.

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