Facebook Privacy Snafu Is NBC Nightly News

We’re unimpressed by the brouhaha surrounding Facebook’s recent terms of service gaffe.

No matter what Facebook does with its users pictures and messages after they quit the site, on the Internet,  privacy is an illusion. The sooner people get used to it, the better off we all be.

If you don’t want a picture of you taking a bong rip ruining your endorsements career down the road, don’t post it to the Internet.

Besides there are a bunch of much weirder terms of service out there on the Internet. Verizon says you can’t look up porn over Fios.

But apparently we’re fairly alone in our boredom, because this story is huge. The Consumerist post that broke the story is approaching 600,000 pageviews. Last night, NBC Nightly News had this report: