Facebook Prepares For Life After Zynga, Which Made Up 20% Of Revenues And Is Dying

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[credit provider=”Illustration: Ellis Hamburger”]

Facebook is clearly looking for new ways to increase gaming on the platform as Zynga continues to struggle.Matt Wyndowe, product manager of Facebook games and apps, recently spoke to Gamasutra’s Christian Nutt spoke about the future of Facebook as a gaming platform and its strategy for appealing to more game developers.

Wyndowe revealed that Facebook wants to do more to help enable synchronous gameplay on the platform.

“Remember I mentioned that to-do list of things that we would love to help enable? That’s absolutely one of them,” Wyndowe says.

“We’d love to help enable synchronous gameplay. Obviously, developers can do a lot on their end, but there’s a lot of features that we’d love to put in their API to help enable that kind of stuff. That’s something that’s just such a clear win for users and developers; it’s absolutely something that we’d love to do. We have nothing to announce about it right now, but those are exactly the kinds of things that, when we hear a critical mass of developers talking about it, we push up the priority list.”

The majority of games on the Facebook platform are asynchronous, meaning that you’re not playing with someone in real-time but simply taking turns. 

If Facebook puts more resources into synchronous gaming, it will encourage users to spend more time on the platform, which means more money for Facebook. 

Considering that at one point Zynga brought in 20% of Facebook’s revenue and is currently tanking in the stock market, it is probably not a bad idea for Facebook to provide more incentives for developers to make games on the platform.