Facebook May Be Able To Predict The Perfect Age For You To Get Married

Can Facebook predict your ideal age to get married?

Probably, by polling all of your married friends on the network and finding what age they were, on average, when they tied the knot.

TIME created an app just in time for Valentine’s Day to test it out. When you connect to Facebook, the app reveals how many of your friends are married, and what age you should get married based on their data. It pulls information for your friends who list their birthdays on Facebook, and who say they’re either “engaged,” “married,” “in a domestic partnership” or “in a civil union.”

I tried it and it was pretty spot on. Facebook says I should be married within seven months, at age 28.4. I’m getting married this year, just after my 28th birthday (and I never told Facebook what date specifically).

To try it, head over to TIME.

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