Facebook Pokes Just Got More Annoying

Cat Poke

Photo: Flickr / foilman

Does anyone Facebook poke anymore?We never understood where the phenomenon came from, or why people do it. A lot of times, pokes seem to stem out of flirtation. Other times, it’s just plain weird, creepy, and annoying.

So colour us curious when The Next Web uncovered this industrial designer who created a machine that will physically poke you in real life when you receive a Facebook poke.

The designer, Jasper van Loenen, explained on his portfolio that he created the poking machine to remind us that even though social media takes place on the web, we shouldn’t forget physical forms of communication, such as a simple poke.

The machine is made to be strapped onto your arm, or any place of choice, and uses an Arduino board and an Android phone to translate incoming pokes into real jabs. Ow?

Next time we want to annoy someone through Facebook, we might just stick with tagging them in a silly picture or sending them a fake news link.

You can see how van Leonen made the poking machine on the video below.

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