Here's Your First Look At Facebook's New, Sexting-Friendly Poke App

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Photo: Facebook

Facebook has finally found a way to recycle one of its oldest features—the once-famous Poke.Pokes, once one of the main ways you’d get friends’ attention on the site, are all but buried now. But Facebook has now reimagined the feature as a mobile app.

Unlike the old Poke, the new mobile Poke app lets you do a lot more, like send photos and videos. In that way, it reminds us of Snapchat, an app which lets you take a photo which self-destructs so it’s harder for friends to store and embarrass you with later.

Facebook Poke allows users to send a classic poke—basically an alert; a text message; or a  video or photo. You can poke one friend or multiple friends at once. 

The messages automatically expire after a certain amount of time—1, 3, 5, or 10 seconds. In that way, the Poke app is also similar to Wickr, a super-secure messaging app.

The self-destructing feature common to Snapchat and Poke makes us think that both are inevitably going to be used for sexting, or sending racy photos, since there’s less risk that the photos will end up posted on the Internet. (Snapchat’s creators have denied that that’s a major reason why people use the app.)

When we attempted to download we had a tough time finding it in Apple’s App Store. If you’re having trouble too try to download it through this link on your iPhone.

We couldn't find the app by searching Apple's App Store so we emailed the link to our phone and opened it that way.

Here's the icon.

Since we were already signed into our Facebook account on our iPhone, the app recognised us. We tapped our name to continue.

When you first enter the app it lets you know how everything works. It's very simple, you send a message, photo, or video, set the timer, and when you receive your message press and hold to reveal it. Start by choosing your desired form of communication.

A list of Facebook friends whom you can interact with will show up. Choose one or a few!

We searched for Laura Stampler, a Business Insider colleague. There she is. One tap selects her.

And we chose to send her a message, tapping the timer at the top allows us to choose the amount of time we want the message to last.

And it's sent.

Here's what it looked like when Laura received the message. You have to tap and hold the screen for the message to show up. If someone attempts to screenshot the message, image, or video then you will know.

Sending a photo is a little different.

The colour schemes allow you to draw on your image in a fun colour.

There it goes.

We get a push notification as soon as it arrives on our iPhone.

Back on our own app the orange splat shows that Laura took a screenshot of our previous message. To see the new photo, we have to press and hold the most recent poke.

There it is! The timer in the top right corner shows how much time we have left to see the image.

And it's gone, just like that.

The gear in the top right corner gets you to a few settings. From here you can can log out, clear your inbox, and access a few other features.

Sending a video works exactly the same way. And that's it.

Now check out Snapchat, the app that started all of this.

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