Facebook Poaches Foursquare Engineer

Nathan Folkman

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Facebook has poached an early Foursquare engineer, Nathan Folkman, we’ve learned.We don’t know what Folkman will be working on at Facebook. (Maybe Facebook Places, its Foursquare clone, which is now under the leadership of recent New Yorker Justin Shaffer?)

But either way, we’ve heard that Facebook employees are supposedly excited about the idea of stealing someone away from Foursquare, a company that has quickly become a major player in social networking — especially with regards to location-based services, one of the more interesting segments of mobile tech.

Folkman’s LinkedIn profile, which hasn’t been updated yet, says he was “head of operations” at Foursquare, which means he has probably been though some crazy times over the past year as the company has struggled to keep up with user demand.

Before working at Foursquare, Folkman worked as a systems architect at Betaworks for two years, and at AOL for a long time.

He is listed on a patent for web application architectures for offline usage, which lets web apps operate when the client and server are disconnected, according to his LinkedIn.

We’ve reached out to Facebook and Foursquare for comment.

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