Here’s What Facebook Reminds Its Employees To Do Every Day

The person who paid $70,000 to tour Facebook might have been trying to get some insight into how the company works.

Hopefully, that person read the walls.

When visiting Facebook, it’s impossible not to notice the motivational posters peppered throughout the building. They seem to be there to remind Facebook developers to keep thinking like a startup, even as the company grows.

Some of the principles on display:

  • Fail harder
  • Move fast and break things
  • Proceed and be bold

  • Done is better than perfect

This is in line with Facebook’s culture, where engineers have incredible freedom to choose which projects they work on, and can even switch jobs for a month to avoid burnout.

Meanwhile, some clever prankster made a funny change to this message on the fridge in one of the cafeterias (where the company holds some of its press conferences):

Facebook soda machine elves goo

[credit provider=”Matt Rosoff”]