Byron Ng's Enemies: Mark Zuckerberg, Paris Hilton, JK Rowling

A Vancouver man named Byron Ng became the hottest name in social networking yesterday after he was able to bypass Facebook’s privacy settings and get to pictures that he wasn’t supposed to see – like Paris Hilton partying or her little brother drinking. Facebook closed the loophole yesterday.

Lucky find? Probably not. Last summer a Vancouver man named Byron Ng was the first to find an electronic version of most of the last Harry Potter book. The Vancouver Sun is reporting that they’re the same man, who has a day job as a computer technician. To find the book, Ng first tried GPS tracking the trucks carrying it, but eventually found it on a P2P service from an anonymous European source.

Byron Ng, we salute you! You keep us entertained, and you keep big media/big Internet on their toes. We look forward to reading about your next stunt — as long as it doesn’t involve us.

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Photo of Byron Ng from the Vancouver Sun.

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