A Facebook Photo Of Leopard-Print Underwear Caused A Murder Mistrial In Miami

Leopard Print UnderwearNot the leopard-print underwear in the courtroom

A 31-year-old public defender’s alleged Facebook indiscretion has caused a judge to declare a mistrial in a murder case, the Miami-Herald is reporting.Fermin Recalde was on trial for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend to death, and his family brought him some clean clothes to wear in court.

When his lawyer Anya Cintron Stern saw a pair of leopard underwear in the pile, she quickly snapped a photo, the Herald reported.

Then she allegedly uploaded it to Facebook, and asserted the family believed the undies were “proper attire for a trial.”

She was fired right away, and Recalde’s new defender Carlos Martinez successfully argued for a new trial.

Tamara Rice Lave, a University of Miami law professor, told the Herald that Stern had exercised really, really bad judgment by posting the Facebook photo.

“Once you’re a lawyer,” she said, “your integrity and reputation are everything.”

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Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/09/12/2999630/lawyers-facebook-photo-causes.html#storylink=c

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