Facebook Reaches Mobile Tipping Point

Facebook now has 157 million mobile-only monthly users, according to the company’s fourth quarter results reported Wednesday. These are Facebook users exclusively on tablets and smartphones who never see the desktop version of the social network. 

That’s an increase of 25 per cent in the mobile-only audience over the prior quarter, when Facebook had 126 million mobile-only users. 

More importantly, the proportion of mobile-only among new mobile users is growing with every quarter. In the fourth quarter, mobile-only visitors were 41 per cent of the new mobile audience. They were 39 per cent in the third quarter, and 35 per cent the quarter before that.

(Total mobile monthly active users at Facebook were 680 million in the fourth quarter. Mobile ad revenues were $306 million.)

Facebook has hit a mobile tipping point— more and more new users will adopt it as a mobile-only platform. Soon enough, Facebook will truly be a mobile-first company. 

In fact, in one respect it already is. Facebook also reported that daily active users on mobile surpassed users on the Web for the first time in the quarter. That means that there is already a mobile majority among the roughly 618 million users who access Facebook on any given day across platforms. 

That’s why CEO Mark Zuckerberg said this on the earnings call: “Today, there is no argument. Facebook is a mobile company.”

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