An Insider Tour Of Facebook's New, Still Under Construction Menlo Park Offices


Photo: Business Insider

Facebook has posted a batch of photos from inside its new headquarters in Menlo Park, California.The company is renovating the space which was once occupied by Sun Microsystems. Facebook hopes to be in this new campus before this year is over.

Looks there is still some work to be done, but it’s coming along pretty well.

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(Via Gawker)

A colourful, but sparse area to hang out

Rows upon rows of desks

This is a bit of a mismatched scene. Not sure what's happening here.

The wide view of the space

Meeting room

Exposed beam in this conference room

A wider view of the room

Crazy lamp, weird hanging metal partition

Another look at this space

This looks like a college art studio class space

One Facebook employee already called dibs on this desk

More mismatched chairs ... maybe there was a clearance sale at a chair store?

Another spot to sit and gather your thoughts

A wide view of this open space

The bean bag looking foot rest/seat looks neat

A phone booth?

An outside look at the campus

Reminds us of one of those outdoor malls

Here's a sketch of what the space could look like

Another sketch of the exterior

That's the inside, now take a look at what's around it ...

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