Facebook Not Interested In Lucrative Personal Ads

Facebook is not testing personal ads, according to a company rep who emailed us after seeing this morning’s story:

Facebook is not offering personal ads on the site. The unit you noticed is a test running to a limited number of users that previews the profiles of a user’s friends. It is not a paid advertisement but surfaces friend information to help enable more sharing in more places on the site. Users are only shown profile previews of their confirmed friends and only see the information if they have access to it on a friend’s profile. Facebook will continue to be testing various versions of this preview and similar units, but it has not launched it widely on the site.

Too bad. As we noted this morning, the New York Times charges personal ad rates of $48 per week, $72 for two weeks and $96 for four weeks — with all its ability to precisely target users, Facebook could do even better.

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