Facebook Is Once Again Changing What You See In Your Newsfeed

Your Facebook Newsfeed is about to look a lot different.

Today Facebook announced that it will be delivering more-timely stories from your friends and family “to show everyone the right content at the right time.”

Facebook is constantly playing around with its algorithms. The general thought has been that posts with more likes and comments were prioritised on the Newsfeed, so you would see tons of posts about weddings and birthdays. One woman even managed to keep her post on her friends’ Newsfeeds for four days by including key phrases like “personal news,” “congratulations,” “new baby,” “engaged,” “married,” and “new job.”

Well, all that may be changing now.

Based on feedback, Facebook wants to help provide relevant and timely content, so if you’re watching the newest episode of “New Girl” and a friend posts about it, it would pop up on your Newsfeed while the show was airing.

Facebook will also be determining when posts are no longer as relevant and timely by looking at two new factors: whether it’s trending and when people are choosing to like, comment on, and share the post. So a couple days after that episode of “New Girl” aired, the idea is that you would no longer have the post on your Newsfeed.

The update will be rolled out gradually, according to Facebook, but they’re confident that this will help users not miss out on the stories that are important to them.

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