Facebook plans to show more potentially offensive and 'newsworthy' posts in your News Feed

Facebook has lately run into issues with the censorship of nudity and other graphic content in the News Feed. Now it’s taking steps to allow potentially offensive posts “that people find newsworthy, significant, or important to the public interest.”

“In the weeks ahead, we’re going to begin allowing more items that people find newsworthy, significant, or important to the public interest — even if they might otherwise violate our standards,” Facebook said in a company blog post on Friday.

“We will work with our community and partners to explore exactly how to do this, both through new tools and approaches to enforcement,” according to the post. “Our intent is to allow more images and stories without posing safety risks or showing graphic images to minors and others who do not want to see them.”

Facebook recently reinstated a historic photo from the Vietnam War that included child nudity after it was met with backlash for taking it down. The social network also had to apologise recently for taking down a cancer awareness video that featured cartoon breasts.

AFacebook spokesperson reiterated toBusiness Insider on Friday that the company hasn’t yetimplemented any changes to what it filters in the News Feed ata policy or technical level. It sounds like more details will be announced in the coming weeks.

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