INSIDE FACEBOOK: Take A Tour Through The Social Network's New York City Headquarters

When you think of Facebook’s offices, its sprawling Menlo Park, California campus is usually what comes to mind.

But in New York, Facebook’s office has grown a lot over the last year. What once housed a few dozen engineers, is now closing in on 200 staffers.

In fact, Facebook is growing out of its offices on the 13th floor of the Bank of America building in midtown Manhattan and plans to move to a bigger office in SoHo in a few months.

Before that happens, we took a tour of Facebook’s New York HQ.

The hallway that leads to the Facebook office's entrance has 'Proceed and be be bold' painted in giant letters. They even painted the letter on the wall behind the door to the elevators in case they're open.

Welcome! Guests at Facebook sign in on a special iPad app. You type in the person you want to meet with and the app pulls in their Facebook profile photo.

We're in! When you first enter Facebook's office, you're greeted by a huge wall. Guests are encouraged to sign it.

And a lot of famous people have done it. Here's Madonna's signature. Singer Rihanna and comedian Jimmy Fallon have also signed the wall.

Here's the dining area, where Facebook employees enjoy perks like free food and a place to meet and work together.

The chow line.

It was salmon day when we visited.

But there were also plenty of desserts for those with a sweet tooth.

Facebook's fridges are fully stocked with sodas, water, and other soft drinks.

The dining area is home to this basketball arcade game. (You can't see it in these photos, but there's also a ping pong table.) Here, two engineers take a moment to unwind after lunch.

Facebook has posters like these all over the office. Some are inspirational...

...others are funny.

But this is the best poster we saw. ('Move fast and break things' is a popular slogan at Facebook.)

Engineers can get a standing desk if they want. They're pretty fancy too, letting you crank them up with the push of a button.

This Is Jessica Traynor from Facebook's research team. She 'adopted' this (stuffed) fox in honour of the real family of foxes that live on Facebook's campus in California.

Facebook employees get a budget to 'hack' their workspace, or decorate it as they see fit. Sometimes employees will pool their cash together to make something really big. Facebook calls this 'Space Hacking.'

Here's a Facebook 'F' made out of New York City Metro cards.

Some Facebook employees spent a night at the office 'hacking' their space. This was made by sticking a Facebook 'Like' symbol to the wall and dripping paint over it. The original plan was to remove the symbol after the paint dried so it would look like an outline, but they decided they liked this rough look better.

Here's a cool hand a Brooklyn artist made for Facebook. It's suspended from the ceiling with a system of pulleys. The artist comes by every once in a while to change the decorations around it.

One Facebook employee painted this cool graffiti-style art.

Why work at a desk when you have a comfy beanbag chair?

Two Facebook staffers take a break with a game of backgammon. (See that skateboard thing under the table? They're all over the office.)

There's a cool story behind these paintings. They were actually portions of a larger painting from Facebook's main HQ in Menlo Park, California. Each satellite Facebook office got a few pieces of the painting.

This is Johnny Wong. He helps troubleshoot problems Facebook employees have with their computers. See that 'Star Wars' art behind him? He painted it!

In between two work spaces for engineers is the Living Room, a cozy spot with liquor and comfy chairs.

The Living Room is also decorated with baby photos of some Facebook employees. Here, engineer Abhinav Sharma points to his baby photo on the wall.

That vending machine is full of general office items employees might need like keyboards, cables, USB drives, and other gizmos. Employees can get these items for free by scanning their badge on the vending machine.

Facebook's New York office has a direct video link to the main campus in California. It almost feels like they're in the same room. New York employees can have a chat with their counterparts via webcam.

These giant touchscreens hang all over the office. The app on the screen pulls in every employee's Facebook photo and lets you search for them and find out where they sit. It also shows the names of each conference room.

Speaking of conference rooms, each one has a clever name. A handful of them require you to use the 'in-' prefix. For this conference room, you'd be 'In Appropriate.'

Or maybe your next meeting is In Sane.

But the best place to meet is In Toxicated. (Get it?)

Here's a really cool hallway between meeting rooms that's decorated with some wood paneling.

Facebook's NYC headquarters has grown so much that it had to expand to another floor in the same building. The third floor of the Bank of America building now houses a lot of Facebook sales people.

Even with the newer space, things are getting crowded. Luckily, Facebook is moving its NYC HQ to a new building in SoHo in a few months.

Now check out another cool NYC office...

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