GOOD NEWS FOR FACEBOOK: Big Advertiser Says Performance Of New Mobile Ads Is Very Promising

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I just interviewed Chris McCann, the president of 1-800-FLOWERS, for our Mobile Advertising Conference.In addition to being a leader in e-commerce, 1-800-FLOWERS is an experienced and heavy user of social and mobile marketing.

One of the critical questions for Facebook going forward is whether the company can start to monetise its mobile usage.

On this score, Chris McCann had a promising anecdote.

1-800-FLOWERS has done a test campaign with Facebook’s new mobile sponsored-story ads, which appear in users’ newsfeeds.

McCann said the results were very promising.

(Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be specific beyond that.)

He added that Facebook is now an important marketing channel for 1-800-FLOWERS, with the company’s success a combination of paid media (advertising) and earned media (leveraging the company’s free presence on Facebook).

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