Facebook Messenger just made it easier than ever to indulge in Australia's property market obsession

Photo: Scott Barbour/Getty Images.

House-hunting just got easier.

Australians can now look up prices of nearby properties through Facebook Messenger by chatting to a bot from property platform Domain.

Messengers bots were only introduced to Facebook last month but has since been taken up by the real-estate site, which has started connecting potential home-buyers with listings in their surrounding area.

Users can simply drop a pin on a map and receive multiple listings within moments as well as look up price guides of specific properties.

It’s a nifty function considering Domain has more than 13 million properties in its database.

“Consolidating property search into one of the most popular consumer apps creates a whole new experience for Domain’s audience,” Domain’s chief product officer Damon Pezaro said in a statement.

“It’s widely cited that consumers spend around 85% of their time using just five smartphone apps each month. Creating a Domain bot for Messenger allows a more natural communication interaction and saves consumers time flipping between apps and websites.”

Here’s how it works:

Firstly, you open up the Domain page and click on ‘Message’.

Screenshot. Photo: Domain/ Youtube.

If you click on the three dots at the bottom, you have the option of choosing a location by dropping your pin on a map.

Screenshot. Photo: Domain/ Youtube.

After you’ve chosen the area, Domain will start compiling a list of properties around the area for you.

Screenshot. Photo: Domain/ Youtube.

You will be able to scroll through and view all the listings.

Screenshot. Photo: Domain/ Youtube.

You can even find more detailed information when you click on it.

Screenshot. Photo: Domain/ Youtube.

Finally, there’s also the added function of being to get a price guide of any property by messaging ‘Price of’ followed by the address of the property to Domain.

Screenshot. Photo: Domain/ Youtube.

Here’s the full walk-through of how the bot works:

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