The median pay at Facebook in the US is more than $240,000 a year

Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
  • The median pay for Facebook employees is more than $US240,000, the company has revealed.
  • The social networking firm disclosed the figure as a result of post-financial-crash regulations.
  • Meanwhile, CEO Mark Zuckerberg received nearly $US9 million in compensation – but it all went on security and travel.

The median pay for a Facebook employee is nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

On Friday, the Californian social networking giant released its Proxy Statement ahead of its annual shareholders meeting that will take place on May 31, 2018. Included in the financial filing was information on the pay ratio between CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the median worker, released for the first time as a result of 2010 Dodd-Frank post-financial-crash regulation.

For Facebook, the median pay package was $US240,430 in 2017.

What that means is, if you lined all 25,000-plus Facebook employees in a row (excluding the CEO), ordered from lowest-paid to highest-paid, the person in the very middle of the line is being paid $US240,000. That’s total compensation, which includes salary, bonus, and stock grants.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg received $US8,852,366 in compensation for 2017, producing a CEO-to-median-employee pay ratio of 37:1.

This isn’t the most illuminating way to understand what Zuckerberg really earned, however: He only took $US1 in base salary, and the nearly $US9 million considered compensation is split between his security costs ($US7,326,640), and private jet and travel costs ($US1,524,975) as he flew around the country visiting US states for his annual challenge.

With huge swathes of Facebook stock under his control, and a net worth of $US67 billion (according to Forbes), the 33-year-old CEO’s true compensation is reflected in the rise and fall of Facebook’s stock price.

The median salary at Facebook is significantly higher than that of rival social network Twitter. The median pay package at Twitter, it disclosed in its 2018 Proxy Statement, is $US161,860.

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